Julian Fellowes is done talking about the end of Downton – and the age of Maggie Smith’s character

"You can ask those questions, we just won’t answer," said the Downton Abbey creator at an INTV panel in America

Julian Fellowes is done answering questions about when his hit ITV period drama Downton Abbey will end. 


There have been months of speculation, much of it originating from comments Fellowes has made in interviews, but the 65-year-old writer won’t be saying anything else on the subject.

Recent rumours have been sparked by Fellowes’ new project The Gilded Age, which NBC have teased will go into production at some point during the next year, and the fact that Fellowes has said – and continues to insist – that he won’t start work on the American period project until Downton is done and dusted. 

A couple of weeks ago the writer attempted to throw cold water on the rumours by stating, “It’s not really my decision,” adding that he “doesn’t own [Downton Abbey] now.” But it didn’t exactly do the job.

But in a more recent Q&A in America, audience members were reportedly banned from asking questions about when Downton will call it a day.  

The show’s writer and creator has also put questions about the age of Maggie Smith’s character Violet Crawley off-limits, after the 80-year-old actress said, “I certainly can’t keep going. To my knowledge, I must be 110 by now,” last month. 

“You can ask those, we just won’t answer,” said Fellowes. 


Downton Abbey returns to ITV for its sixth season later this year