James Nesbitt may return in The Missing series 2….

A part is being written for the actor in the next series of the hit drama - but the storyline will not focus on Tony Hughes' search for his son...

The Missing, the anguish-inducing BBC thriller, is returning (probably next year) and star James Nesbitt may also return as Tony Hughes, RadioTimes.com can reveal.


Sources on the show reveal there could be a cameo for him in episode 5 of series 2 – but that the new run won’t revolve around his character’s continued search for his missing son Oliver.

Nesbitt told RadioTimes.com recently that he believed that the young boy may still be alive, but this is disputed by other production sources.

“I don’t know why this is being suggested – it’s quite clear that Olly is dead,” said the source.

The second series will apparently focus not on someone who is missing but on someone returning.

The Missing series 1 ended in December, when the mystery of who abducted five-year-old Oliver Hughes during a family holiday to France in 2006 was solved (spoilers ahead for anyone who still hasn’t watched it).

It was revealed that young Olly was not abducted at all, and had simply wandered into the path of a drunk driver, who hid the boy’s unconscious body in his car boot.

Instead of being taken to hospital, the boy was – apparently – killed and his body dumped. The culprits were the drunkard, who ran the hotel where the family were staying, and his brother the mayor…


The Missing 2 is due to return in 2016