Chummy returns in Call the Midwife series finale

Miranda Hart's clumsy, loveable midwife has been missing since episode one, but thankfully she'll be back in Poplar soon...

Tonight’s might have been one of the most depressing episodes of Call the Midwife that there ever has been – Sister Evangelina made a terrible mistake while Nurse Gilbert cared for a devoted ailing couple and Patsy struggled with her feelings – but we have good news. There is light at the end of the period drama tunnel… 


Chummy is back in the series finale. Plus, she’s wearing a rather fancy hat and trying her hand at darts. 

Clumsy, lovely, sweet Chummy is one of our favourite midwives, but she’s been missing since episode one.

Her absence came as something of a shock. We knew Jenny Lee was gone forever, that Cynthia would be at the Mother House and Sister Evangelina away for a while recovering after surgery, but Chummy? When she jumped in the car and drove off (rather erratically) to the mother and baby home in episode one, we didn’t know we wouldn’t see her again for another six episodes. We kept expecting her to pop up in the background, sewing scatter cushions, burning pastry cases or saying ‘shilly-shally’. 

We know Miranda Hart is a busy, busy lady – presumably writing the final episodes of her hit BBC1 sitcom Miranda got in the way of filming for Call the Midwife’s fourth series – but the series just hasn’t been the same without Chummy’s charm. We aren’t half glad she’s back in the fold.


Call the Midwife concludes on Sunday at 8:00pm on BBC1