The Hobbit’s Aidan Turner in first Poldark trailer

The Being Human plays an 18th century captain who returns home from war to find his corner of Cornwall irrevocably changed...

The BBC has released the first trailer for its remake of historical drama Poldark, which stars Irish actor Aidan Turner as the titular hero – and it’s pretty steamy (and seamy, thanks to all the mines).


Returning from the American War of Independence, Poldark must readjust to Cornish life while struggling to control his rebellious nature, open an old family tin mine and get a nice tan.

With his childhood sweetheart marrying his cousin, can Poldark find love elsewhere? There’s only one way to find out: by taking his shirt off a few more times.

Poldark is based on Winston Graham’s book series of the same name, and was previously adapted by the BBC in the 70s with actor Robin Ellis, who will cameo as a reverend in the remake.

Speaking to at the Hobbit premiere in December, Turner said of the new series: “I’m really excited – I’ve seen the episodes now and it’s really great! I’m very proud of it.”

He added that the series was a “massive” change from his role in Peter Jackson’s Hobbit trilogy, where he played dwarf Kili.

“I mean, I was riding horses all the time and in the countryside, so that didn’t change, but it’s a very different job,” he said.

“And obviously I’m Ross Poldark in Poldark, so it wasn’t just a very small wheel in a big cog. I am the cog!”


Poldark will be on BBC1 later this year