Louise Brealey on Setlock: We’d be nothing without the fans, they’re welcome to a piece of Sherlock

The actress who plays Molly Hooper talks to RadioTimes.com about the Sherlock special and making fans wear wooly jumpers

Two more members of the Sherlock family have come out in support of ‘Setlock’, the phenomenon where fans of the show turn up to watch its filming on location. Louise Brealey ­– who plays Molly Hooper – and executive producer Beryl Vertue praised their dedication.


“It didn’t used to be like that,” Brealey told RadioTimes.com. “When we did the pilot in the first series, we didn’t have any friends come to see us. But do you know, they are absolutely wonderful. They’re so considerate and sweet.” 

The commitment of Setlock fans is legendary, hanging around for hours to catch a glimpse of the stars, no matter the weather. Brealey remembered one bitterly cold day Worcester Cathedral, when she had to intervene for the sake of their health. 

She also rejected the idea that fans were disruptive to filming, a sore point ever since Martin Freeman said he ‘doesn’t love’ the practice.  Brealey concurred with Steven Moffat, saying “We wouldn’t be anything without the fans, so if they want a little piece of it, they’re welcome to it.”

Verture also sang Setlock’s praises: “They’re very kind actually, down there with their little presents.”

But what of the upcoming Victorian themed special?

Vertue: “All we can say is it’s period. And that’s different.”

Brealey: “We’re not allowed to say anything more than Beryl said. We’re no good to you at all. Can we go and have a drink now please?” 


OK, sure.