Fortitude: can you solve the Arctic crime thriller’s mysteries?

The man behind Sky Atlantic's take on Nordic noir wants to hear readers' theories...

If you’ve just watched Sky Atlantic’s new drama Fortitude starring Sofie Gråbøl, Michael Gambon and Christopher Eccleston, you’re no doubt feverishly dissecting some of the deeply strange goings-on in the Arctic town. We certainly are. Who can we trust? Who’s keeping secrets? What’s actually happening? 


It’s clear the show’s creators plan to keep us wondering about everything and everyone, and to make the guessing game even more fun, Fortitude creator Simon Donald has set some homework for readers: five questions to muse upon before we’re privy to episode two.

But before we get to those, here’s what Simon had to say about creating the show. Look out for clues…

“I was thinking about where to find the spine for a thriller that came from somewhere left-field, somewhere I hadn’t seen before or seen explored. I also thought it would be interesting to reimagine the investigation around a violent crime from a fresh perspective. It was decided early on that the story would draw on real-world science.

Sometimes this would have the appearance of the supernatural but supernatural would never be the final explanation for anything when we got to explanations. Lots of elements went up in the air and eventually the town and people of Fortitude came into shape. A dangerous, isolated environment, a police force whose chief had no experience as an investigator, few resources to draw on. A community of scientists working in high-end research. A small town where everyone was connected to everyone else, which had its own rules and rituals.

We researched to find a location which would give us all these elements and found Svalbard, in the Arctic circle, half way between mainland Norway and the North pole. It was perfect, the reality gave us even more material which then found its way into the story of Fortitude.”

So here are Simon’s questions for the eagle-eyed among you. Share your thoughts in the comments box below and we’ll publish the best… 


1)Who does Elena think is outside her room?

2) What does Yuri see on the handcuffs?

3) Where did Frank get covered in blood?

4) How did Morton travel faster than death?

Let the theories begin….