Julian Fellowes: The cast of Downton Abbey could star in The Gilded Age

The creator of ITV's mega-hit says he might cast "one or two familiar faces" in his 19th century drama for NBC

Julian Fellowes’ forthcoming American drama, The Gilded Age, may look very familiar.


It seems the man at the helm of Downton Abbey is keen for cast members to take a trip across the pond. 

“They can’t be the same people because Gilded Age is much earlier. It’s in the 1870s, so none of them would be born,” Fellowes told RadioTimes.com at the National Television Awards last night. “But I’d love to work with them again. What a good idea. One or two familiar faces just to make [American viewers] feel at home!”

Fellowes reiterated that The Gilded Age will coincide with the Crawleys demise – “I won’t do Gilded Age until Downton is done” – but was quick to dispel recent rumours that he is poised to start working on the NBC drama.

“Everyone always keeps announcing that it’s about to happen, but I’ve had that for about four years now.”

Even so, Fellowes is excited about his latest project for US network NBC: “I am interested to do another series, because Downton was the first series I’d ever written.

“I’d never done an open-ended series. Now I feel I know much more about the game. I suppose there is something interesting about the idea of going on and using it somewhere else.” 

The thought of our favourite Downton cast members appearing in another Fellowes drama does take the edge off the impending end of the ITV hit. We can just imagine Michelle Dockery as a scullery maid, Joanne Froggatt as a rich heiress dripping in jewels or Hugh Bonneville playing a butler.

Perhaps Allen Leech could turn up too and drive a few of the characters around? 

Watch the full interview above. 


Downton Abbey returns to ITV later this year