Broadchurch killer actor: This is the only drama I’ve done where I can watch myself on screen

Matthew Gravelle, who plays Joe Miller in the ITV drama, says he normally finds it “excruciating” to see himself on TV...

Actor Matthew Gravelle doesn’t like watching himself on screen but is making an exception with his latest role – that of Broadchurch child killer Joe Miller.


The Welsh performer who has appeared in a range of TV dramas including Torchwood and Holby City, told “I hate everything I do. I don’t like watching myself, I just don’t. I can’t, I just don’t like it. I find it excruciating.

“But I have been able to watch this,” he said of the drama, which also stars Olivia Colman and David Tennant. “I found myself… tolerable in Broadchurch but that’s because everyone else is so good I was swept along.

“Normally I cannot stand it. I mean, why would you? Does anybody stand in front of the mirror all day looking at themselves and telling themselves how wonderful they are?”

Gravelle was also forced to wear an elaborate disguise and use a separate hotel to the rest of the cast in order to keep his shock comeback in the opening episode a secret.

“That was a bit of a taunt, but it was fine, it was fine,” he told

In the opening episode of series two his character made a dramatic not guilty plea in court despite being shown to have killed schoolboy Danny Latimer at the end of series one.


Broadchurch series two continues on ITV at 9pm on Mondays