Broadchurch series two, episode one: five burning questions we need answered

From Jocelyn Knight's mysterious past to missing teenager Lisa and that dried bluebell, here are the mysteries we want solved...

While Monday night’s opening episode of Broadchurch finally introduced us to the premise of series two, it also left a heap of unanswered questions as viewers were pulled into yet another web of intrigue within the sleepy seaside town. 


As the Dorset residents braced themselves for Joe Miller’s trial – and David Tennant’s Alec Hardy made provisions to protect a crucial witness from his previous investigation at Sandbrook – there were a number of plot threads dangled before us, tantalising with just enough information to reel us in. 

Desperate as we are to put our questions to creator Chris Chibnall, in his absence, we’re airing them here. Add your own below – after all, in the seven days before next week’s episode, it’s as good as therapy… 

What is up with Jocelyn Knight?

From her first appearance on screen, we heartily accepted Charlotte Rampling’s sharp-tongued character for her quick insults and no-nonsence manner. But Jocelyn’s past is one big, gaping mystery. Just why did she cease practising three years ago? Why is she – in Maggie’s words – “marinading in self-pity”? And what acquaintance is she to the Broadchurch Echo editor – a sister, a friend, a former partner? When Maggie questions her refusal to take the Latimers’ case, her response is simply, “you know”. What does she know?

And – as a sidenote – what’s going on with Marianne Jean-Baptiste’s defence QC Sharon Bishop – Jocelyn’s former pupil who also appears to be in something of a professional quandary. With her clerk recently fired, her junior Abby Thompson (Phoebe Waller-Bridge) tentatively suggests accepting suspect Joe Miller’s case might “show people nothing’s been affected by, you know…” No, we don’t Abby! Do tell us. And as Sharon and Jocelyn convened beneath the Broadchurch cliffs, the former berated her one-time mentor: “so, you’d do it for them and not for…” And then she trailed off. Oh Chibbers, you tease. 

Why did Lucy assume she would give evidence?

There was an awkward moment between Ellie’s sister Lucy (Tanya Franks) and her son Olly (Jonathan Bailey) outside the courtroom following Joe’s “not guilty” plea. After chastising the young journalist for excitably reporting his uncle’s trial, Lucy flippantly added, “I suppose today means I’ll have to give evidence?” “Why would you have to give evidence,” questioned her son. “I don’t know, I just thought we all would,” she replied, looking well shifty. We can spot a fibber when we see one – and while we know Lucy spotted Joe disposing of his bloody clothes, something tells us there’s more to this than meets the eye… 

Is Lisa still alive? 

As explained by Hardy, the Sandbrook case he left unsolved involved the disappearance of two girls – 12-year-old Pippa and her older cousin, and babysitter, Lisa. Only Pippa’s body was found which begs the question – could Lisa still be alive? Did their neighbour and suspected killer Lee Ashworth murder them both or could missing Lisa provide the vital account that convicts him? 

What do all the bluebells mean?

We’ve known since the first trailer that bluebells held some significance and sure enough, as series two began we saw a man strolling through a bed of the violet flowers. Fast-forward half an hour and Ellie – rifling through the cupboards in the house of Claire Ashworth, Hardy’s Sandbrook witness – comes across a piece of paper containing a dried bluebell. She mentions it to her former boss in the car the next day, prompting him to adopt the same shifty expression we saw on Lucy earlier. 

What is the point of Craig?

I mean, really, Craig? “Lee Ashworth enters the country three days ago, you’re only telling us now?” Hardy has every right to be mad at you, what with Sandbrook still a mess and James D’Arcy glowering at him from hilltops. All evening, we’ve been asking ourselves the same question, over and over – the greatest Broadchurch mystery of all: “what is the point of you, Craig?” 


Broadchurch returns next Monday at 9:00pm on ITV