The Musketeers returns – what did you think?

A Capaldi-less series two began tonight, but what did you make of the swashbuckling adventure? Let us know here...


Athos (Tom Burke), Porthos (Howard Charles), Aramis (Santiago Cabrera) and D’Artagnan (Luke Pasqualino) returned in The Muskeeers tonight bringing with them a slew of punch-ups, sword fights and leather. 


Action-packed as ever, the four swordsmen proved their athletic capabilities with a rather impressive zip wire escape. Plus, there was scandal as the Queen gave birth, with rascal Aramis knowing just a little bit too much about the king’s son…

But of course, there was change too. The crooked Cardinal (played by Peter Capaldi) has died, heralding the arrival of newcomer Rochefort, played by Marc Warren. For this he earned a fair amount of screen time.

Like the Cardinal before him, Rochefort isn’t one to be trusted and the Musketeers found themselves double crossed (and double crossing) as together they plotted to spring a French general from a Spanish jail


So, now in its second series, what did you make of the Musketeers’ 17th-century Paris-based antics? We want your thoughts (yes, yours!) so let us know in the comments section below…