Meet the new cast of Call the Midwife series 4

With Nonnatus House missing Jenny Lee and Cynthia, it's time for two new nurses, played by Charlotte Ritchie and Linda Bassett, to arrive in Poplar

With Jenny Lee gone and Cynthia now heading off to the Mother House, it’s time for Nonnatus House to call in some reinforcements. Trixie and Patsy can’t birth all those babies on their own, now.


Series four will see a couple of new faces arrive in Poplar, ready to button up their cardis and learn to cycle the cobbles. 

First up, Nurse Barbara Gilbert. Barbara, played by Charlotte Ritchie who you might recognise from roles in Fresh Meat and Siblings, will appear in the first episode of series four. Described as naive and chaotic, she’s sure to bring a spot of drama to the Nonnatus House midwives. 

“She begins quite badly and sort of redeems herself a bit later on,” Ritchie told, adding: “She has a couple of really tragic moments which is awful and then she kind of gets into her stride a bit more – but she still continues to make mistakes along the way.”

Linda Bassett is also set to join the cast a little later down the line as Nurse Phyllis Crane. Bassett is no stranger to the world of period drama, having starred in Sense and Sensibility and Larkrise to Candleford so she’s sure to settle in well. Whether her character will be at home with the nuns is another matter entirely… 

“I was delighted to be offered the job,” said Bassett. “I was born in the 50s so it’s fun to work in a period that I can remember and know so much about.” 

“I watched a lot of episodes before I started,” she added, “I do ration myself because a lot of them are very moving and make me cry.”


Call the Midwife returns in early 2015