Downton Abbey: Was it better set at Christmas?

After two years of picnics and beach trips, the Crawleys celebrated Christmas in time with Britain this year - but was it better because of it?

Before tonight’s episode, we’d had three Downton Christmas specials. And by that we actually mean one Christmas special and two episodes which aired on Christmas Day but had absolutely nothing to do with festive carols, mince pies or feelings of goodwill and joy.


Back in 2011, when the other Bates was behind bars for murder, we had yuletide preparations and even a Christmas Day proposal as snowflakes swirled around the Abbey, but since then they’ve gone a little off topic.

2012 saw the Crawleys heading off on their summer – yep, summer – holidays to shoot things in Scotland. There were picnics and absolutely no winter coats. Oh, and Matthew died, which we’ve already universally agreed was not at all festive.

Last year’s episode witnessed Lady Rose coming out into London society. And again, bafflingly, there were picnics. Even a trip to the beach. It’s almost like they’ve been written for their American air date in the spring instead, isn’t it?

This year, however, Downton returned to its festive roots. We’ve had snow, songs and a huge Christmas tree. But was the episode better for it?

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Downton Abbey returns for a sixth series in 2015