Glee channels Frozen in first look at final ever series

Rachel Berry sings Let It Go and vows to revive McKinley's Glee club in the first teaser for the sixth and final series

Glee is preparing to take its final bow next spring, as the quirky and upbeat musical TV show returns for its sixth and final series. 


And in what seems like the perfect fit, it’s also set to channel Frozen’s Let It Go when it makes its way back on to telly screens. A new 20-second teaser trailer sees Rachel singing the much-loved tune upon her return to Ohio’s McKinley High. 

Our first look at Glee’s final foray also sees Rachel and Kurt vow to revive the Glee club, Blaine reunite with the Warblers, Santana and Brittany dance with the Cheerios and Mr Schue welcome Rachel back to her former high school. 

The series will air its final season over 11 weeks and conclude with a two-hour series finale on US TV on 20th March. 

As this trailer teases, the new episodes will focus on the original cast members and be set at McKinley, rather than New York which has been the primary focus of the previous two runs. 

“The final season is not New York-centric at all,” the show’s creator Ryan Murphy told The Hollywood Reporter, adding that the drama “dwells on the original people that were on the show and what happens to them and how they give back.”

“It’s really interesting, a very sweet, satisfying ending to the story,” he adds.


Glee series 6 is expected to air on Sky1 in 2015