Joanna Lumley to join George Clooney in Downton Abbey

The Ab Fab star will be joining the Hollywood hearthrob and the Crawleys ITV's Text Santa festive fundraiser on Friday night

Carson had better make sure he puts a bottle of Bolly on ice, because Absolutely Fabulous star Joanna Lumley is set to join the cast of Downton Abbey, sweetie.


Lumley, who is known for playing champagne-drinking, chain-smoking fashion editor Patsy in the hit BBC sitcom, is poised to star opposite George Clooney in this Friday’s Downton Abbey sketch. 

The 68-year-old actress will appear in Downton Abbey’s contribution to ITV festive fundraiser Text Santa this Friday, in a clip featuring Clooney and the Crawleys as they struggle in the face of financial ruin. 

When Clooney was announced as the Crawley’s next house guest, we were rather excited by the arrival of the Hollywood A-lister. Though, now we know Lumley is in the mix, we can’t think of a British star better for the aristocratic world Robert, Cora, Mary and co inhabit.

Lumley seems pretty chuffed about her new role opposite Clooney’s “fabulously familiar and beauteous face”, too. 

“Everyone in the room screamed like schoolgirls,” she told the Mail


Text Santa is on Friday at 8:00pm on ITV