Who should sing the next James Bond theme?

Sam Mendes says he already knows, but who do you think deserves to play over the credits for Spectre?






Conscientious objector.

Sorry, just trying to come up with some rhymes for ‘Spectre’. Sam Mendes, director of the next Bond film, says he already knows who will sing the theme tune, but the rest of us will only find out “very, very late in the day.” In the meantime, the bookies favourites are Sam Smith and Lana Del Rey. Whoever is chosen, Adele’s Skyfall is going to be a tough act to follow.


But pretend you’re M, and the big decision is up to you. Who should warble over those naked silhouettes in Spectre’s opening credits? Choose wisely. It could be the difference between a Goldfinger and a Quantum of Solace.