Martin Freeman: “I prefer to bare all in nude scenes”

The Sherlock and Hobbit actor talks about stripping down for roles, and erotic fan fiction linking him and Benedict Cumberbatch

Sherlock fans, remain calm, but… Martin Freeman has revealed he prefers to let it all hang out when doing nude scenes. 


Speaking to Jonathan Ross about his flesh-bearing role in classic(-ish) rom-com Love Actually, in which he plays an actor’s body double, Freeman talked about preserving his modesty. “It’s not an easy thing to get naked in front of 80 people eating bagels or whatever,” he said, “I’ve done a few naked things in my time and after a while, I stopped using what they give you.”

It gets a bit graphic from here. Make sure you’re sitting down. “They give you a discrete pouch, a sock sort of thing,” he explained. “It’s like a medieval purse. You put it around what you have and you tie it together but over the course of shooting, it starts to fall off. So after a few jobs, I said to the woman in question ‘would you mind, if it doesn’t offend you, I’m just going to go with what God gave me’. Because it’s so humiliating. I think if the woman is not offended, I would rather just be naked.”

I swear, we are going to get through this article without making a rude Bilbo Baggins pun. Speaking of, apparently it’s much more pleasant being fitted for The Hobbit’s furry feet. “That’s a two person job, there were two lovely women that would put that pair of feet on me. You have to shave your legs, which is not a great look for me.”

Right, back to the smut. Freeman also spoke about the copious amount of homoerotic fan fiction Sherlock has inspired, and how it has started intruding on his real-life marriage to co-star Amanda Abbington. Some people have a hard time letting go of the dream, believing that not only are Holmes and Watson a couple, but so are Freeman and Cumberbatch. “There are people that are actually absolutely determined that Amanda is my beard. Me and Benedict are friendly but we’re not married!” 

“The creators of the show are aware of that and I think they play with it to a certain extent,” he admitted, before saying he was more conflicted about the flights of fan fantasy. “I am slightly reticent to keep that going too much [but] when it first started, I thought it was quite witty and quite funny that people were running with that ball.” 

So to speak.


The full interview can seen tonight on The Jonathan Ross Show, 10:35pm on ITV