Call the Midwife Christmas episode: first look pictures

Chummy, Trixie, Patsy and co are back this Christmas for a festive trip to Poplar

After nine long months the Nonnatus House midwives are preparing to deliver another heart-warming festive special on Christmas Day.


The episode is set to air on our telly screens at 7:50pm on BBC1, just as that glass of Baileys and your second turkey sandwich starts to take its toll. So what period joys can we expect from the East End midwives this year?

Births, obviously. Deaths or despair, maybe. Call the Midwife isn’t one to sugar coat the festive season.

When it comes to the rest, the BBC have treated us to a few preview pictures to give us a sense of what to expect from the upcoming instalment…

Chummy takes a tumble in the snow, while Trixie looks suitably stylish. There’s a sneak peek at the Nonnatus Christmas meal and of Fred being measured up in the kitchen, plus some shots of a worried-looking PC Noakes with little baby Freddie – and not forgetting another glimpse at Vanessa Redgrave playing a mature Jenny Lee. 



Call the Midwife will be back on Christmas Day at 7:50pm on BBC1