Christmas gift ideas for Downton Abbey fans

From 20s-style hats and flapper-inspired dresses, to Downton Abbey day trips and official merchandise, please the period drama fan in your life this Christmas

Do you know a Downton Abbey aficionado? Perhaps your quick-witted mother-in-law models herself on Violet Crawley? Maybe your mate has delusions of aristocratic grandeur?


Make them happy this festive period with our top ten Christmas presents for Downton Abbey fans…

Kitsch kimono 

Keep covered up in style with this silk 1920s-esque kimono. Perfect for lazy Sunday mornings, lounging around in your drawing room or taking on “sketching” trips. 

From £38. Buy here

Tasteful toiletries 

All that drama surrounding Lady Cora’s soap would have been averted if she’d owned this vintage-inspired elixir bottle. Simply instruct your maid to fill the bathtub and wash those upper-class troubles away…  

From £12.50. Buy here

Cute cloche 

Bat your lashes at your suitors from under the brim of a hat like Lady Mary’s. Just remember to go upstairs before you dare take it off…

From £29. Buy here

Classic crockery

Dream of Greek philosophers and advanced algebra while whipping up egg whites à la Daisy. Mason Cash have been making mixing bowls since the early 1800s and Mrs Patmore’s kitchen is genuinely stocked with them. 

From £19.50. Buy here

Grand games 

Choose to be a maid or a footman and navigate your way through the Abbey’s halls and corridors, completing tasks for Carson in a suitably speedy fashion. It’s a bit like Cluedo, if you swapped dead bodies and crime-solving for chores and chastisement. 

From £24.99. Buy here

Flapper fringe

Gold. Sequins. Fringing. See the New Year in like a jazz-loving liberal or simply pop it on to watch the Christmas special… 

From £75. Buy here

Status symbol

Make sure everyone is aware of your social standing with this incredibly tasteful t-shirt. We are 99% sure it’s what Robert wears underneath his dinner jacket. 

From £18.99. Buy here 

Downton day trip 

Walk in the footsteps of the Dowager Countess, have a morning cuppa at Mr Drewe’s Yew Tree Farm and visit Grantham House, as well as other locations from the drama. One for truly dedicated Downtonians…

From £190 for two. Buy here

Catch up with the Crawleys

Relive the dramas of the past series: secret love children, illicit hotel trips, improper propositions, romantic engagements, arrests and all. 

From £19.99. Buy here

Save face

Want to meet a lucky heiress under the mistletoe this Christmas? Become as fancy as a footman or as suave as a seriously eligible member of the aristocracy with Rehab London, which is used by the makeup team behind the scenes of the show. 

From £9.50. Buy here


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