The Fall’s Jamie Dornan lurks outside his next victim’s house in new clip from series two

In this sneak-peek, serial killer Paul Spector waits to attack an unsuspecting woman while the police plan how to close in on him...

A new preview for series two of BBC’s The Fall has been released, and it’s spine-chillingly creepy.


The clip sees Jamie Dornan’s serial killer Paul Spector standing outside his next victim’s house in the dark, watching her calmly through the glass before unlocking the door and stepping inside.

All the while, Detective Superintendent Stella Gibson, played by Gillian Anderson, addresses the task force trying to catch the killer.

“In order to do the terrible things that he does, the killer dehumanises his victims. Let’s do the opposite, let’s keep them alive…” Gibson says.

But we suspect it won’t be quite so easy. The recently-released series two trailer showed Spector and Gibson begin to play a very sinister game of cat and mouse as the murderer evades and manipulates the police.

We don’t have long to wait, as the new series starts on Thursday November 13. 

Watch Jamie Dornan’s character move in for attack here…