Downton Abbey: Will Branson move to America in the series 5 finale?

Lady Sybil's widower is thinking of moving to Boston, but will he and Sybbie really leave the Crawleys behind?

Branson has been talking about it for a while. To-ing and fro-ing about whether he should up sticks, leave the Abbey and start a new life for him and his little daughter Sybbie. 


When we’re feeling irritable, we wish he’d just hurry up and make a choice already – we’ve been fretting about it since series three – but now Tom Branson looks closer than ever to making a decision about his future it’s making us worry. 

Sunday’s episode of the hit ITV period drama saw the former-chauffeur open up to Robert about his plans, saying: “I may as well tell you. I’ve written to my cousin in Boston. He’s done well there and I’d like his advice… I do love you all, you know. It’ll be hard to go.”

He then tackled the subject with Sybbie herself, saying: “Darling, you know Aunt Edith has gone to London, only I was thinking and I wonder, what if we were to leave here and go and live in a place far across the sea? What would you say?”

Adding, “It might be better for us to start a new life there… I hope to God I’m doing the right thing.

So, is Tom Branson set to leave the Abbey in the series 5 finale? Might Sybil’s widower bid farewell to Lady Mary, Lord Grantham and co and pursue the American dream? 

We do hope not. On screen and off, the world of Downton would be a duller place without Allen Leech. 


Downton Abbey concludes on Sunday at 9:00pm on ITV