Benedict Cumberbatch: Sherlock would be “devastating” in bed

The TV detective would do in-depth research before things got steamy, says the star


Ever wondered what Sherlock would be like in bed? Of course you have (we’re all friends here…) But given the detective’s apparent ambivalence to sex, it seemed unlikely we would ever find out.


Sure, he shared an undeniable frisson with dominatrix Irene Adler and even engaged in a short-lived dalliance with a certain bridesmaid, but that was all in the name of crime-solving. It seemed unlikely this all-important question was ever to be answered.

So thank the lord for Benedict Cumberbatch (as if you don’t already do that every day), who has provided us with an insight into exactly what his character would be like between the sheets – “devastating!” 

“It would be explosive!” Cumberbatch tells Elle magazine(before switching to the first person and describing scenarios involving fingers and tongues that make us blush just to think about them). “I’d know exactly how to please a woman…” 

And the star reckons that if the situation did arise (so to speak) Sherlock would approach it like any of his other problems – using research, science and logic to find the best solution. Romantic.

“I’d probably test the latex, if it involved prophylactics, beforehand. I’d do a little experiment with durability, length, girth, um, strength. And, um, I would probably take a lot of vitamin supplements… I’d probably watch a lot of porn.”

Depending on your outlook that may or may not satisfy you – but you can’t fault a guy who puts in that much effort and believes in safe sex, right…?


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