Downton Abbey series 5 episode 7 predictions: sick dogs, fresh blood and mystery letters

A look ahead to the seventh episode of series five, accompanied by Ellie Walker-Arnott's patented guessing game...

Last week’s Downton Abbey saw a number of plot lines come to a head. News came from London confirming Lady Edith’s worst fears that Michael Gregson had been killed by Hitler’s horrid gang of thugs in Munich – and she found out she was set to inherit his publishing company. 


None of the Crawleys were especially sympathetic though, with Lady Mary taking the opportunity to have a new modern hair do and Lady Rose organising a picnic at a local point-to-point.

Downstairs, Thomas went from looking a bit peaky to looking a whole lot worse, though he still found the energy to inform the police that Baxter knew something suspicious about Bates. His meddling seemed to take it out of him, as soon after he caved and asked his former ally for help. Baxter let bygones be bygones and took Barrow to see Dr Clarkson who revealed that Thomas had been taking a fake treatment to cure himself of his homosexuality. 

In other news, Bates found Mary’s birth control hidden away in their house and the not-so-happy couple had a heart-to-heart. Talk soon turned to whether Bates had indeed killed Green before the valet assured his wife of his innocence. 

Meanwhile Moseley took an interest in Daisy’s learning, Blake continued to push Gillingham and his former fiance back together and the Dowager Countess acquired a difficult new lady’s maid. 

And taking her opportunity while the rest of the family were messing around on horses, Lady Edith scooped up Marigold from a distraught Mrs Drewe and decided to leave the Abbey. For good. 

But what’s going to happen this week? Spurious suggestions time! 

Poor Isis. She’s been padding through the halls of the Abbey, chasing squirrels and having her ears tickled by Robert for series now. But it looks as though the pooch’s days are numbered. 

If the golden lab does meet her maker this week you can be sure her passing will garner more of a reaction than poor Gregson’s. Robert’s already imagining her dignified and sombre send off. The Abbey will descend into darkness. Even Lady Mary will dig out her mourning clothes. It is Isis, after all. Not silly old Edith. 

She might have left the Abbey for good at the end of episode six, but it seems Lady Edith hasn’t gone far. In fact, she’s already back at Downton.

Life as a monied, single mother does seem to have changed her, though. She’s reclining on the sofa, confident in her new status as the black sheep of the family. In fact, she’s the making of a loose cannon. Now her secret is out what more does she have to lose? 

What a romantic tangle this lot have got themselves into. Miss Lane Fox loves Gillingham who loves Mary who doesn’t know who she loves but it might be Charles Blake who is playing the puppet master of the group. And I thought everyone harked back to the olden days because they were simpler times.

Miss Lane Fox has let her sunny demeanour slip here. She won’t hang around Tony as long as he’s persisted with Lady Mary. He’d better wake up and chose the right gal or there will clearly be hell to pay… 

Here’s something you don’t see awfully often. It seems someone has finally given Mary a taste of her own medicine and stood her up.

It’s really only been a matter of time. Glamorous gal with a fancy new hairdo or not, one simply can’t be so mean spirited and unsympathetic yet still expect everyone to fawn around you. Gillingham is tired of her tricks, Blake sees straight through her. Mary hasn’t uttered a kind word since series three and even the Dowager Countess is getting sick of her horridness. 

New faces on the gravel are always a welcome sign. If these upper class chaps need anything it’s an influx of fresh blood. If only so Mary can stop flitting between the only two single men she’s met since poor old Matthew passed away…  

And, like vultures, the women have arrived. It’s plain getting hitched was ever so difficult back in 1924. One step wrong in the courting stage and you ended losing your fiance to Lady Mary or having to leave your accidental offspring with the pigman. 

These girls might be dressed in sugary sweet shades (in fact they could almost pass as a group of vintage-loving hipsters on a night out in Shoreditch) but when it comes to securing another date, it’s dog eat dog. Ready, set…

Uh oh, Daisy has a letter. And you know what that means in Downton Abbey land. The Crawleys and their staff might welcome a lot of guests but nothing of importance is ever said in person. One on ones are preserved for snippy small talk and social pleasantries – all true drama and gossip is recorded when pen is put to paper. 

Could this be word from Sarah Bunting? A job offer from Oxford University? Judging by important correspondence of old, it could be a letter that has been floating around the postal service since series four. Green confessing his sins, perhaps?


Downton Abbey continues on Sunday at 9:00pm on ITV