Benedict Cumberbatch is “filming something special” for BBC1 and BBC2

The BBC's controller of drama commissioning says the Sherlock star was “great” in a soon-to-be announced project he recently completed - but it's not a Doctor Who crossover

“He was great. Stay tuned.” With these words the BBC’s controller of drama commissioning Ben Stephenson has set the hares racing about Benedict Cumberbatch’s latest project.


Stephenson was responding to photos of the Sherlock star posted on the BBC1 Facebook account which appear to show him acting in a new project with the words: “Benedict Cumberbatch filming something special for BBC One and BBC Two”.

But what is it?

BBC sources confirm it is not Doctor Who and nor is the still taken from the upcoming Shakespeare drama The Hollow Crown, in which Cumberbatch plays Richard III. But the source confirmed that it IS “something special for BBC drama”.

The source added that an announcement would be made soon explaining how Cumberbatch’s new role – however brief – will air on both channels.

But in the meantime the tease has set the hearts of Cumberbatch fans beating, with many speculating that it could be a project for the BBC fundraising telethon Children in Need. The BBC declined to comment on this.

Fan Rachel Johnson posted on Facebook: “*squealing noises* *screaming intensifies*” while Beth Ostrander said she would not mind what the project was because it would be “special just to hear him read from the phone book.”

Cumberfan Lala Allyeva-Klychkova was more restrained: “People, don’t try to guess. Otherwise it wouldn’t be surprise.”


An announcement revealing all is expected next week…