Downton Abbey: Is Lady Rose about to find love?

Lady Rose meets a handsome and chivalrous stranger this Sunday


Lady Rose, like the rest of the Downton Abbey cast actually, hasn’t had much luck on the romance front. 


We first met her mucking around with married men in London jazz clubs, before she fell for American singer Jack Ross (a relationship Mary ensured ended rather swiftly…)

She might have come out into British society during the Christmas special, but since then it’s been slim pickings for the Abbey’s newest recruit. 

That, though, might all be about to change in this Sunday’s episode when Lady Rose gets a love interest.

During one of her visits to the Russians in York, Rose bumps into a handsome stranger, who by the looks of things is also rather a gentleman, helping her carry her baskets and shielding her from the rain. 

We hate getting carried away (that’s a lie. We love it) but this man could mean big changes for Lady Rose.

One thing’s for sure, though, after last week’s conversation with her soon-to-be divorced dad Shrimpie, Rose won’t be jumping into any relationships without being 100% sure she’s in love first… 


Downton Abbey continues on Sunday at 9:00pm on ITV