Mike Bassett: England Manager needs a Kick-start

Soccer sequel offers fans a chance to be in the film – for a price...


The most successful England manager since Sir Alf Ramsey is down on his luck and needs your help.


Mike Bassett, football’s best-loved fictional manager, is returning to the screen for the first time since Mike Bassett: England Manager became a surprise movie hit in 2001. All it needs is an extra £250,000 from fans to make film sequel Mike Bassett: Interim Manager a reality.

To return Bassett and star Ricky Tomlinson to the sidelines, director Steve Barron has set up a campaign on crowdfunding website Kickstarter, allowing members of the public to donate to the film fund in return for various rewards.

Donations of £5,000 will buy you a speaking part in the film, which sees Bassett return to the England coaching staff as an assistant to new German boss Jorgen Mannstein.

Director Barron picks up the story: “Yet, ‘unforeseen’ circumstances occur, forcing Bassett into becoming England’s Interim Manager for the rest of the World Cup, as he soon comes to realise just how questionable his prospects are.”

Barron chose to fund the film sequel on Kickstarter because he was concerned about matching the scale of the first film. “Knowing that financing a movie now is an even more daunting prospect than it was back then, producer Leo Pearlman and I are looking to Kickstarter to raise a portion of the funds,” he said.

“We’ve followed this exciting new way of getting the right projects made at the right level. Not only would our movie see benefit on-screen from any financial contribution but it can act as a serious gauge for the distributor to see the enthusiasm of the audience. That we can make this film together with its audience is a thrilling thought. It may well be the future for our film industry. I hope so.”


Filming is due to begin in March 2015, and the Kickstarter campaign is set to close on Friday 21 November. Find out more about the project here.