Is Ben Affleck going from murder suspect in Gone Girl to lethal assassin in The Accountant?

The star of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justic is in talks to take on yet another mysterious man...

Gone Girl hasn’t even opened in cinemas yet but Ben Affleck might have another thriller lined up already. The actor is in talks to play a seemingly ordinary number-cruncher who moonlights as a lethal assassin in The Accountant.


According to Variety, the screenplay has been ready since 2011 but has had a difficult time of it, with both Mel Gibson and the Coen brothers originally lined up to direct, and Will Smith to star.

Now, if Affleck says yes and the film goes ahead, Gavin O’Connor, who directed Warrior, will take over the project. 


With Batman, Gone Girl and perhaps The Accountant under his belt, has Affleck found a new niche in playing mysterious, potentially dangerous men?