Could Bannan be Scotland’s answer to The Killing and The Bridge?

The BBC’s Gaelic language channel Alba launches new drama, with the production team hoping it will be shown on BBC4 with English subtitles

BBC Alba, the Corporation’s Gaelic language service, has announced a new homegrown Scottish crime drama which is already drawing comparisons with the Nordic Noir sensations The Killing and The Bridge.


The first series of the drama Bannan – meaning ‘The Ties That Bind’ in Gaelic – will begin airing on 23rd September and five further episodes are currently being filmed on the island of Skye.

The production team are already speaking of a three-series arc to the story which follows a high flying Aberdeen lawyer played by newcomer Debbie Mackay who returns to her home island after an eight-year absence.

Bannan, which has 12 main characters, is Alba’s first major drama series since the service was launched six years ago.

Producer Chris Young told The Scotsman newspaper that the drama will follow a convincing remote community which will be “spiced” with murder and killing.

He added that he wants it to be shown on BBC4 with English subtitles like the crimes series The Killing, The Bridge and Borgen.

“We’ve gone for something that is based on characters and it feels like we have a very strong setting,” he said.

“The show is very much about island life and a lot of it is about relationships. You still have that situation at a ceilidh where you have everybody from three to 80. That is kind of our world.

“Once you start following the lives of these people and spice it up with a bit of sex, death and murder, you’d be amazed at how much the material can grow.”

BBC Alba can be viewed on the following platforms:


Sky 143 (UK)  Freeview / YouView 8 (Scotland only) Virgin Media 161 (UK) Freesat 110 (UK)BT Vision 8 (Scotland only) Smallworld 170 (Ayrshire and North West England) BBC iPlayer (UK)