Want acting lessons from Benedict Cumberbatch?

The Sherlock star, plus James McAvoy, Hugh Dancy, Jim Broadbent and Colin Farrell, offer up some acting pearls of wisdom...

Ever wondered what it takes to make it as an actor?


Or more specifically an award-winning, internationally renowned actor? Perhaps the rather charming kind who can’t step outside without an army of fans throwing themselves at him?

Sherlock star Benedict Cumberbatch is sharing his wise words of wisdom, alongside fellow acting greats James McAvoy, Hugh Dancy, Jim Broadbent and Colin Farrell.

In a video for Bafta Guru, the British stars offer advice to aspiring actors (and a little insight into their world’s for those of us who can’t convincingly perform…)

“Usually what I look for in a role is something I haven’t done before. I like to sort of you know send some fresh stuff out,” reveals Cumberbatch, adding that he likes to think about “not how big [a part is, but] how important.”

“You can never perfect what we do. There is no way,” he continues. “The whole point is perfection is unachievable so it’s that constant pursuit of the unobtainable which is kind of magic really.”

When it comes to what future Cumberbatches should be doing, the 37-year-old advises: “See lots, read lots, hear lots. Experience life as well and just keep observing, really observing, not just looking.”


Before concluding: “It’s really hard. It’s a difficult job. And with all the success comes a whole new load of problems… the landscape’s forever changing.”