Litchfield goes Disney in Frozen is the New Black

All the Disney princesses are behind bars. And Gaston from Beauty and the Beast is Mendez...

The internet is brimming with TV mash-ups, cartoon makeovers and kittens making movies.


And, yes, we do love them. But every now and again one video crops up that is extra clever. 

Frozen is the New Black sees the coming together of two internet obsessions – the hit Disney film with the soundtrack that’s been stuck in our heads since December, and Netflix Original Series Orange is the New Black, which follows the inmates at Litchfield Women’s Prison. 

All the Disney princesses – Elsa, Snow White, Ariel, Belle… – have been thrown in the Disney department of Justice (very convincingly playing the part of Chapman’s fellow inmates) and are governed by some classic baddies like Cruella de Vil and Gaston, who makes a good replacement for Pornstashe. 


There’s even an Adele Dazeem joke. And almost a rendition of Let It Go…