Sherlock #221back news – the Twitter reaction

The game is on...

Yesterday evening the BBC had a bit of fun with Sherlock fans, tweeting that an announcement about the Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman-fronted show would be released at 2:21pm today. 


After finding ways to amuse ourselves until the stated time – during which time there have been many theories about what the news could be – 2:21pm rolled around. 

And guess what? There’s lots to be excited about…

This is how Twitter responded to the news…


Caps lock goes into overdrive

Serious overdrive

This happened

‘Coz we’re happy…

Keep calm and… oh never mind

We will need something after all of this sport, eh?


Sherlock news is now trending

Current New Year plans being cast to one side

Even this happened

Saying things in Lego is often the best way

Irene Adler has some thoughts on how it will play out


Sometimes only two words are needed