Laura Palmer’s Twin Peaks house is up for sale

The infamous Palmer house from David Lynch’s hit ’90s drama is on the market

If you dare to live in a house where mysterious murders took place and a creepy white-haired man once lurked, the fictional home of Twin Peaks’ Laura, Leland and Sarah Palmer is now up for sale.


The highly recognisable home is located at 708 33rd St., Everett, Washington, and Welcome to Twin Peaks says the asking price is $549,950. The house was used for its interiors in David Lynch’s Twin Peaks pilot and for its interior and exterior in the film Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me (the establishing shot of the Palmer home’s exterior was filmed at a different house in Monroe, WA).

The real estate website says nothing about Twin Peaks or how Laura Palmer’s rocking chair is still there more than 20 years later… To any normal person looking to buy a new place, it just looks like a “charming 1930s home” with hardwood floors and a spacious living room (where a man could possibly run around and kill you). Home sweet home.


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