Hopes build that Sherlock series 4 will be shot and screened next year

Indications are that the much-anticipated fourth series starring Benedict Cumberbatch will be filmed for late next year – but at least the wait will not be as long as last time


It is the question every Sherlock fan is asking: how long do we have to wait until the next series?


Well, according to sources on the production team the answer seems to be next year… hopefully.

As the producers seek to get the star leads of Benedict Cumberbatch, Martin Freeman, Mark Gatiss and of course Una Stubbs in the same room as one another, RadioTimes.com understands that a 2015 shoot date for series four with a broadcast at the end of the year is looking like more of a possibility.

“It will not be this year – but 2015 is very much the hope and expectation,” said the source.

Even before the last episode was aired it was the question on the lips of many fans, who had to wait two years between the broadcast of series one and two, and two three.

When producer Sue Vertue was asked the question about timings at January’s public screening of Sherlock series three finale His Last Vow she gave the impression that viewers might have a shorter wait than last time to see the next run of the drama.

“We’re working on it. We’re working on dates,” she said, while her husband, Sherlock co-creator Moffat, promised: “We’ll get them made as quickly as we can”.

And the indications are that this means a year away.

“Benedict and Martin are making some movies,” added Moffat at the time. “If you say ‘Who cares about movies?’ I agree with you but they are doing them so we’ve got to schedule around that.”