What did you think of The Crimson Field?

Hermione Norris, Suranne Jones, Kevin Doyle and Oona Chaplin star in BBC1's new World War I drama set in a field hospital on the French coast

New World War I drama The Crimson Field began on BBC1 tonight as part of the Corporation’s season to mark 100 years since the outbreak of war.


This evening’s episode was something of a scene setter, introducing us to a tented field hospital on the coast of France and a team of doctors and nurses battling to save the lives of the soldiers gravely injured in the trenches.

We met Kitty, Rosalie and Flora – the three young VADs (Volunteer Aid Detachments for you uninitiated folk) – their flinty Matron Grace Carter (played by Hermione Norris), her benevolent boss Colonel Roland Brett (Downton Abbey’s Kevin Doyle) and Sisters Margaret Quayle (Kerry Fox) and Joan Livesey (Suranne Jones)

Written by the BBC’s Great Expectations scribe, Sarah Phelps, The Crimson Field has a lot going for it – in addition to its talented cast, the eight-part series boasts an impressive set and some serious make up and prosthetics. 


But what did you make of it? Did it do justice to its weighty subject matter? Who’s your favourite character? And will you be watching next week? We want to know what YOU think so don’t dilly dally, tell us your thoughts in the comments box below…