Keeley Hawes on Line of Duty 2, playing DI Denton… and the Twitter reaction to the series

The actress and star of BBC2's acclaimed crime drama talks to about a role that's "unlike any other character I have ever played"

Are you surprised by the incredible success critically and amongst viewers of Line Of Duty?


“Viewers are really into it and it is making people think and not spoonfeeding them.

“It is nice to be in the middle of that and it is really good.”

When you first got the script did it feel special?

“It did to me because Lindsay is so unlike any other character I have ever played really.

“She is not written as being particularly dowdy, I think we went a bit further with that when we were talking about establishing the look of the character.

“But she is a woman of a certain age who is not glamorous, she is a bit disappointed with her lot.

“I got five scripts and I could not stop reading them. I just couldn’t put them down.”

You are quite new to Twitter, how has the response been to Line Of Duty?

“It is amazing, I joined two months ago but the reaction is twitter is extraordinary. It is 100 percent positive about the show, about the characters and everything to do with that.

“And in amongst that you have people saying ‘WHAT’S GOING ON?’ and ‘we can’t wait’. 

“There is a genuine feel of excitement and it is great to get that reaction.”

How did you get inside Lindsay as a character?

“The first scene I shot on Line Of Duty was a scene where I had my neck brace on and I was in my little house which they made look not too glamorous and I was sat there with the cat and I fed the cat and then ate macaroni cheese and there was so much about that scene that encapsulated Lindsay and her world . It was a great place to start because it tells the story of this woman.” 

Do we still have twists and turns in the final episode?


“We have. I can’t say anything though, the slightest thing kind of gives it away, sorry! But I hope people enjoy it and I want to thank everyone for their kind comments, it has been brilliant.”