Jonathan Creek makes fun of Benedict Cumberbatch’s Sherlock

The rival BBC1 detective drama is the obvious butt of the joke in a clip from the first episode of the returning Alan Davies mystery series

He is sporting a long black coat, has a thick crop of dark hair and an obsessive an eye for detail.


But the man in this video is not Benedict Cumberbatch’s Sherlock (in case the sideburns didn’t give it away) but a criminology student called Ridley in a deliberate mickey take that features in the upcoming return of Alan Davies’s rival BBC1 crime series Jonathan Creek.

Kieran Hodgson, the actor who plays the pseudo-Sherlock told that he studied Cumberbatch’s performance in order to get the “patter” and “delivery”.

“Wearing the coat and everything I felt a bit like Sherlock,” he said. “It’s quite nice flouncing around.

“It was very interesting, trying to be him. It feels quite busy when you watch Sherlock but a lot of the movement comes from the camera – in fact Benedict Cumberbatch’s acting is quite still, his face is quite still.”

In the exclusive clip above, Ridley uses the fact that Creek’s watch is an hour behind to help deduce that he has recently returned from a trip to Iceland.

However he is completely wrong.

“Shall I tell him it needs a new battery?” Creek says of his watch at the end of the scene.

Creek star Alan Davies said he enjoyed the “piss take” of the character.

“Sherlock is great – I’m a fan,” said Davies. “I don’t know what Benedict Cumberbatch would make of it. He is probably far too busy as a Hollywood superstar.”

The first film in the series also mimics the flash camera angles of Sherlock.

Davies said that Creek writer David Renwick was also a fan – but mainly of the Sir Arthur Conan Doyle books.

“He will never watch Sherlock and say all the fast cutting and and so on and say we should do that,” said Davies. “He will watch that and take the piss out of that.”

The first episode of the new series of Jonathan Creek, The Letters of Septimus Noone, airs on BBC1 on Friday 28 February at 9pm