Guess how old these classic characters are…

From Cinderella to Peter Pan via Tom and Jerry and Scooby Doo - do you know how long ago these beloved characters first made an appearance?

Bagpuss, that old fat furry catpuss, is celebrating a big birthday today. The ol’ four-oh to be precise.


Yes, that’s right. It’s been 40 years since Bagpuss first padded onto our TV screens.

Sorry. That makes you feel old, doesn’t it? Well there’s more to come. You’d be surprised how many iconic characters from the world of TV and film are getting on a bit…

Can you guess how old this lot are?

Is Peter Pan…a) 16 b) 46 or c) 61?

c) 61. Ironically, Disney’s boy that never wanted to grow up is nearing retirement these days. In fact, he can give flying a rest – it’s time to apply for that bus pass…

Is Snow White… a) 26 b) 41 or c) 77?

c) 77. Poor Snow White is getting on a bit, isn’t she? Chances are she’s not the fairest in Disney-land any more…

Is Pocahuntus… a) 19 b) 25 or c) 47?

a) 19. Not as old as some of them. But, still, was it really almost two decades ago that we were singing along to Colours of the Wind? Cripes.

Are Rosie and Jim… a) 11 b) 23 or c) 39?

b) 23. Those jolly rag dolls are in their mid-twenties nowadays. They’ve probably left Fizzgog’s barge behind and are using all those new-found skills to persue careers as blacksmiths, bakers or miners.

Is Cinderella… a) 28 b) 36 or c) 64?

c) 64. No more scrubbing floors on her hands and knees, ol’ Cinders should be putting her animated feet up instead. And talking of feet, she can forget about crystal slippers – just think of the bunions.

Is Bob the Builder…a) 5 b) 16 or c) 31?

b) 16. Bob probably isn’t fixing much these days. If he were a person and not in fact a TV show he’d probably be dabbling in a little underage drinking, wearing a hoodie and slamming his bedroom door.

Are Tom and Jerry… a) 30 b) 74 or c) 93?

b) 74. That game of cat and mouse is probably getting a tad tiring these days. They have been at it since 1940 after all…

Is Scooby Doo… a) 29 b) 35 or c) 45?

c) 45. Hardly a “meddling kid” anymore, eh?

Is Simba… a) 12 b) 20 or c) 26?

b) 20. Remember when little Simba was a teeny baby? Well the circle of life has been a-spinning. That was TWO decades ago, people.

Are Dastardly and Muttley… a) 21 b) 46 or c) 67?

b) 46. That’s right, the devilish duo have been in that wacky race since 1968. Yeah, the year The Beatles’ Hey Jude was a NEW release.

Tell us how you did in the comments box below…