Benedict Cumberbatch to appear on Sesame Street

Viewers will be able to test their counting skills with the Sherlock star

One Benedict Cumberbatch! Ha ha ha ha!”


Yes, the Sherlock star is set to make an appearance on Sesame Street alongside number-obsessed Transylvanian puppet The Count.

The news was revealed in a tweet by US broadcaster PBS, who pictured Cumberbatch alongside The Count and another furry friend, together with the hashtag #Counterbatch (see what they did there?). 

It’s good news for American Cumberfans, who will presumably get to see the episode in the near future, but not necessarily for those in the UK. Selected episodes of Sesame Street (featuring appearances from stars like David Beckham, Ricky Gervais and Nicole Kidman) currently air in this country on Virgin but Cumberbatch’s appearance will not be made available to the broadcaster in the foreseeable future.

Meanwhile, one further mystery remains – after meeting The Count, will the Sherlock star take time out to form the ultimate crime-solving duo with Sesame Street’s resident detective Sherlock Hemlock?

Perhaps John Watson should start worrying…