Jessica Raine on Line of Duty: I was worried about running like a girl

The Call the Midwife actress prefers cycling along the cobbled streets of Poplar to running in a police vest...

After three series playing East End midwife Jenny Lee, actress Jessica Raine is branching out.


Last year she starred as a 1970s psychic in Doctor Who and BBC producer Verity Lambert in 60s-set An Adventure in Space and Time. But we are yet to see her out of period dress.

That’s all about to change, though, as the British born actress gets ready to make her modern day debut in BBC2’s crime drama Line of Duty. 

When it came to swapping 1950s Poplar for the crime-ridden streets of 2013, strangely, it wasn’t the departure from period drama that worried the actress most… It was her running technique. 

“What I was most concerned about was not running like a girl in a police vest,” Raine told Radio Times at our annual Covers Party. “I practised that a few times.”

So how did she fare?

“I’ve watched it back,” said Raine, “I did okay.”

There’s an obvious solution to all these running woes though, said the actress, who has spent many a scene cycling in Call the Midwife. 

“Every contract from now on… there has to be a bike!” said Raine.

Jessica Raine stars in Call the Midwife (Sundays, 8:00pm, BBC1) and is set to appear in the second series of Line of Duty, which starts on 12 February at 9:00pm on BBC2.