Broadchurch writer on David Tennant’s fears of being killed off: “He’s right to be worried”

Chris Chibnall tells why DI Alec Hardy is in no fit state to continue his detective work...

The last time we saw DI Alec Hardy he was looking a little worse for wear – largely thanks to the stress of an unsolved murder and that dodgy ticker of his. So, David Tennant was well-founded in voicing his fears last month that his character might be killed off ahead of Broadchurch series two.


Now, writer and creator Chris Chibnall is adding fuel to the fire, admitting that Tennant has every reason to be anxious that his volatile detective could kick the bucket… 

Speaking to at the annual Covers Party, the man behind last year’s hit ITV drama said, “He’s right to be worried. He’s a king on the stage, he’s off doing an American show right now, I believe. He’s got a lot on his plate.” 

Chibnall is, of course, referring to his lead actor’s involvement in Richard II and Broadchurch’s American adaptation Gracepoint, which began shooting in Canada this week. But while the former Doctor Who star’s busy schedule no doubt plays a factor, Chibnall also pointed out his character was left in no fit state to continue working alongside Olivia Colman’s DS Miller: 

“David’s very busy and Alec Hardy, at the end of series one, he was fired from the police, he had a heart problem – I don’t see how you come back. How would that happen?” 

It looks like poor Alec Hardy’s days might be numbered…