Allen Leech: “Downton Abbey has more of a life than five series”

The actor who plays Tom Branson says he'd be keen for a sixth run of the ITV period drama as long as "there’s more stories to tell"

Over the last few weeks rumours have been rumbling that the end of series five might be the end of the Crawleys and the end of Downton Abbey.


But last night we caught up with Allen Leech, aka Tom Branson, at the Radio Times Covers Party, and he thinks the hit ITV period drama has got life in it yet. (Thank god!)

“Downton probably has more of a life than five series,” Leech told us. “I don’t know how much more past that but we will see.”

“We know that we are doing [series] five. We only ever get commissioned after doing that series so we won’t know until December next year. It’ll be interesting to see whether there’s more stories to tell,” he continued. 

So would Leech, who is set to star in film The Imitation Game alongside Benedict Cumberbatch and Kiera Knightley, be keen to stay put for a sixth series, if it did materialise?

“As long as the stories are there that need to be told, yeah, I would. I think everyone would,” he told us.

“It’s been such an incredible thing to be part of, we want to finish it right. I hope that we can.” 

Downton Abbey series five starts filming next month