Chris Noth: Sex and the City 3… the divorce?

Mr Big might just be on board for another SATC movie. And the plot? He reckons a break-up could be on the cards...

Rumours have been swirling around of late that a third and final Sex and the City film is in the works. Sarah Jessica Parker has gone on record to say “there’s one last chapter to tell” while Kristin Davis has admitted the “exciting” idea of a third movie is more than just a “pipe dream”. 


So, when we found ourselves face-to-face with Mr Big himself, actor Chris Noth, at last night’s National Television Awards, we thought it prudent to quiz him on the likelihood of one more outing as Carrie Bradshaw’s suave other half…

First up he wasn’t sure where the rumours were coming from, but once we’d told him SJP was on board, he seemed to get a little more excited, saying “I’m always interested” in more Sex and the City. 

He even started suggesting a plot for the potential flick. According to Noth, if there’s “one last chapter to tell”, it might not be a happy one. 

“The divorce?!” said Noth. “That could be it.”  

Watch our exclusive video: