Go behind the scenes of Death in Paradise’s police station

Gary Carr and Danny John-Jules, aka Fidel and Dwayne, show us around the Honore police station in BBC1's murder mystery drama

It’s okay. You’re safe. The cameras for Death in Paradise aren’t rolling. There are no corpses to be discovered or mysteries to solve…


Just a few minutes to take a sneaky look around the Honore police station with the help of Gary Carr and Danny John-Jules, aka the show’s policemen Fidel and Dwayne. 

Carr and John-Jules are showing us around their police station as the second episode of series three (and the first with newbie Kris Marshall at the helm) prepares to air on BBC1.

The duo show us the secrets of their desks, debate the most famous prisoners they’ve ever had in their cells and reveal why the scenery is so distracting that they forget their lines…


Death in Paradise continues tonight at 9:00pm on BBC1