The Musketeers – what did you think?

BBC1's slick new drama inspired by Alexandre Dumas classic tales hit screens tonight starring Luke Pasqualino, Tom Burke, Santiago Cabrera, Howard Charles and... Peter Capaldi

From the moment we saw the first photo of Luke Pasqualino, Tom Burke, Howard Charles and Santiago Cabrera dressed up to the nines in their swashbuckling boots and belts, we’ve been excited. The BBC’s flashy ten-part drama based on Alexandre Dumas’ tales of The Musketeers finally hit screens tonight, packed with duels, romantic intrigue, gigantic pistols and plenty of leather.


And it’s trump card? Peter Capaldi himself (before he was cast as Doctor Who) playing the deliciously slimy Cardinal Richelieu – the king’s right hand man and enemy of our musketeers… 

But what did you make of tonight’s episode? That’s what we’re really interested in. Was this slick series worthy of its hype? Which of the fab four ticked your box? Should it have stayed truer to Dumas’ stories? And did Peter Capaldi’s villainous Cardinal give you the creeps? Post your thoughts in our comments box below…