Mr Selfridge series 2 – what did you think?

Jeremy Piven is back as Harry Gordon Selfridge but his big grin was wearing a little thin as Selfridges celebrated its fifth anniversary...


It may be cold and wet this weekend, but Mr Selfridge has got escapism down to a tee. Harry Gordon Selfridge and the gang are back together to celebrate the store’s fifth anniversary – but the beaming smile we’ve come to know and love is hiding Harry’s increasingly frosty relations with his wife, Rose. 


The Rose of series two is an entirely different creature, bosom buddies with the notorious Delphine Day and spending her evenings guzzling champagne in her glamorous Soho nightclub rather than firing lovesick looks in Harry’s direction. 

Meanwhile in store, a bunch of feisty new characters were wheeled out – and we were finally introduced to Lady Mae’s elusive husband, Lord Loxley. What a nasty piece of work he is… 

But enough from us, we want to know what you thought. Yes, you! What did you think of series 2, episode 1? Were you glad to see all your favourites back together? Were you disappointed with the five year jump ahead? What did you make of the gaggle of new cast members? And, most importantly, how did you rate Harry’s pearly whites, broad grin and gargantuan hand gestures? 

Pens and paper were so 2013 so post your thoughts on tonight’s episode in the comments box below…