What do the Call the Midwife girls want for Christmas?

Miranda Hart, Jessica Raine, Helen George and Bryony Hannah tell Radio Times what they'd like Santa to bring this year

Jessica Raine plays Jenny


I’d like a huge Cossack hat – or a cable-knit jumper like the one Jenny’s boyfriend Alec wears in the show. Whatever happens at Christmas, I’ve learnt not to panic. I hosted Christmas Day myself last year for the first time, and I couldn’t believe the preparation! But I made a decision not to panic: if the sprouts are cold, they’re cold.

Bryony Hannah plays Cynthia 

My nickname is “B”, so I’ve always coveted a necklace with a bee pendant. And my parents have started making their own sloe gin and cherry brandy – a glass of each, please! I like to curl up and watch The Snowman – when I was young, it was a tradition. One year it did snow and we made a snowman. When it melted I went out, lifted the hat and my mum had knitted me The Snowman’s scarf and hidden it underneath.

Miranda Hart plays Chummy

I love present shopping. Though if anyone wants to give me a gift… a Radio Times subscription! That would genuinely be brilliant. Planning Christmas is almost as exciting as experiencing it. I have a naval father, and my sister and I are both quite organised/bossy. So it’s more a question of rotas and systems and very unlikely that anything will go wrong.

Helen George plays Trixie

I want Emma Thompson’s book The Christmas Tale of Peter Rabbit. I like a festive book. And I watch Christmas films in April… I’m obsessed. My husband and I decorate the house on 1 December – no one can stop me! Every Christmas he buys me a ghost story and reads it to me on Christmas Eve.

Call the Midwife returns on Christmas Day at 6:15pm on BBC1