Jeremy Piven, Amanda Abbington and Katherine Kelly in first-look at Mr Selfridge series 2

It's more grand hand gestures and pearly whites when the ITV period drama re-opens for business in 2014

The doors of Selfridges will be thrust open once again come 2014 and Jeremy Piven’s beaming entrepreneur is back selling his wares to the wartime inhabitants of London. That’s right, we’ve jumped forward five years to the store’s fifth anniversary as the nation teeters on the brink of World War I. 


And it’s all change in store… As conflict looms, Harry (Piven) is keen to let his customers know just how patriotic he is, throwing lavish fundraisers to help the troops. At his side is his wife, Rose (Frances O’Connor), although their marriage is still in a delicate state following his extra-curricular activities last series.

This series welcomes some new characters – Polly Walker plays bohemian novelist and businesswoman Delphine Day who takes poor Rose under her wing, Skins actor Sean Teale joins the cast as Victor Colleano’s cheeky cousin Franco, and Lady Mae’s mysterious husband Lord Loxley (Aidan McArdle, above) makes an appearance. She doesn’t look too pleased about it.

Meanwhile Amanda Abbington’s character Miss Mardle was last seen looking fairly distraught after being turned down by her long-term lover Mr Grove (Tom Goodman-Hill). Five years on, things are looking up as she’s seen flirting with a nice-looking gent in the first footage from series two. And last time we spied Aisling Loftus’s plucky sales assistant Agnes she was breaking the hearts of both Henri Leclair (Grégory Fitoussi) and poor Victor (Trystan Gravelle) – she’s back after a two-year secondment in Paris, although it looks like at least one of her fellas has moved on… 


Get a taster of what’s in store for 2014 with the brand new footage below: