Sherlock premiere screening: seven spoiler-free teasers

Here's some stuff that happened in The Empty Hearse - but it won't spoil your enjoyment

I was lucky enough to be at the British Film Institute for the premiere screening of the first episode of Sherlock series three. You know, the one that tells us how Sherlock survived the fall. The one that tells us how John will react to finding out that he survived the fall. The one where we find out about John falling in love. And how Sherlock reacts to that. And the one where they get a new case.


So, obviously, I’m not allowed to tell you about any of that. And I have no interest in #spoiling any of it for you anyway. So, here, instead, are seven things about the first episode, The Empty Hearse, that will tell you nothing definite but may get you thinking, and will definitely get you excited…

1. At least two major characters kiss

2. We find out what the “rat” reference means – and Sherlock Holmes fans will enjoy it

3. One character greets Sherlock’s return with a hug

4. Some eagle-eyed Sherlock fans might spot themselves

5. Sherlock wears the hat

6. Sherlock wears a disguise

7. Sherlock gets punched 

Sherlock returns to BBC1 on New Year’s Day at 9pm