Gangsta Granny: Miranda Hart embraces hair extensions, fake tan… and Robbie Williams

Miranda Hart gets Strictly Come Dancing style in preview pictures from David Walliam's Gangsta Granny

We’ve seen Miranda Hart fall down, fart and flash her bra in her BBC1 sitcom… but never before have we seen her don hair extensions and fake tan. 


Well, that is, until now.

Miranda has been tango’d Strictly Come Dancing style for David Walliams’ children’s adaptation Gangsta Granny. And her new look isn’t the only thing she’s embracing. Preview pictures from the BBC1 drama see her snogging none other than Robbie Williams. Lucky lass, eh?

In Gangsta Granny, Miranda Hart plays Strictly-obsessed Linda, wife of an equally bronzed David Walliams and mum of the drama’s main character Ben. The drama follows Ben as he discovers that his boring old Granny used to be an international jewel thief.

Gangsta Granny was written by David Walliams and stars Joanna Lumley, Rob Brydon and Julia McKenzie.

The drama will air on Boxing Day at 6:05pm on BBC1.