12 videos that will make you fall a little bit more in love with Tom Hiddleston

The British actor can dance, speak Greek, recite Shakespeare, imitate Owen Wilson AND re-enact Thor with action figures...


Tom Hiddleston is already rather perfect, wouldn’t you agree? The man is clever, he’s got rhythm (more of that later) he can act, he’s rather handsome (have you noticed?) and his fans adore him. And for good reason – he’s known as a warrior of the red carpet, and never gives a boring interview. 


So, with our fixation firmly fixed, we scoured the internet in search of the very best Tom Hiddleston videos to make you to fall in love with him that little bit more. Our list was so long we had to cut it down, but here are all the reasons we think he’s rather great…

1. He started out on Casualty just like everyone else (and he’s even lovely in that). 

2. Even though he’s now a super-famous movie star, he still treats his fans like gold. 

3. He can recite an entire speech from Shakespeare at a moment’s notice. 

4. He took three action figures and recreated the entire plot of Thor 2. 

5. He has the time (and patience) to teach the Cookie Monster an invaluable lesson.  

6. He can hold a tune. And not just any old tune, either… 

7. He’s a true English gent, apologising for just about anything. 

8. He’s a charity man, too. Here he is preparing for his trip to Guinea for Unicef. He’s so excited he can’t sleep. 

9. Because only Tom Hiddleston could make an entrance like this. 

10. You might have heard he’s a dab hand at impressions. Here’s his version of Owen Wilson as Loki: 

11. He taught Benedict Cumberbatch how to speak Greek. 

12. And finally, he can dance. You may have heard. One or two media outlets picked up on his performance in Seoul last month, but this routine on Alan Carr’s Chatty Man is just the best. 

Ladies (and gentlemen). Form an orderly queue…