Sherlock series 3 US air date revealed

BBC confirms to that UK will see Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman return to BBC One first

Finally, the mystery of Sherlock’s series three air date has been solved – for Americans, at least. The next series of Steven Moffat’s hugely popular detective drama will air on PBS Masterpiece on 19 January at 10pm.


It is the first time ever that the US air date for the show has been announced before the UK. A BBC source told that they “are not in a position to announce the air date until later this year”, but have confirmed that UK viewers will see the programme before the US.

Speaking at Cheltenham literary festival last week, show-runner Steven Moffat said, “I would place good money on it being at the very end or the very beginning of the year,” suggesting the UK air date may be significantly before the US transmission.

The highly anticipated first episode of the new series, The Empty Hearse, is set to solve the mystery of Sherlock’s “death” at the end of series two finale, The Reichenbach Fall. For American audiences, it will air on PBS Masterpiece back-to-back with fellow successful UK export Downtown Abbey, returning to US screen 5 January.

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, Masterpiece executive producer, Rebecca Eaton said of the episodes: “They are jaw dropping. They are like small movies. Benedict and Martin are so in their Sherlock-Watson groove. They are so comfortable with that relationship it’s like being in the room with them.”

Sherlock producer Sue Vertue added, “We are hugely excited about this next series of Sherlock, and have worked closely with our partners, Masterpiece and PBS, to bring these episodes to US audiences in January. We promise our fans that Season 3 is worth waiting for.” also understands a series of Sherlock series 3 images (the first of which EW has exclusively revealed) will be released by the BBC in the next week or so.